Good quality contact lenses, online stores?
I’m looking to purchase white ones.

I’m still trying to rehome my male calico telescope-eye goldfish.
I can do local pick-up, overnight shipping or two-day shipping (via FedEx) in breathable bags and appropriate sized insulated box.

I still also have plants available for grabs:
Water Sprite
Asian Ambulia (May be spoken for already)
Anubias, attached to driftwood
Taking reasonable offers on them. Original post with pictures of them:

If any of you guys are interested, please let me know.

And, I believe my wisdom teeth are officially coming in.

Pearl: “Yesterday, you were crying about snakes”
Steven: “They don’t have any arms..”

Me too Steven, me too.

Nothing bothers me more than seeing breeders promote animals with birth defects, and seeing people dying to own them, because they’re “unique”, “a miracle”, “something new”.
No, your selfish ass just wants to make money out of something that you’re not completely positive that’s properly thriving or happy, than have others purchase it to show off as if they were trophies.

Have any of you guys ever had an “incident”, while wearing your ‘princess plug’?

Booboo had to head back to his barrack, so I’m all by my lonesome at the hotel now. Regardless, still had a great day. Can’t wait for tomorrow! ❤️

I am the cute today.