Rather elderly female dog came in, she’s very ill and pregnant. Poor girl. They don’t know if she’ll make it after surgery, or if the puppies will thus she should’ve already had them. :(
This is why check-up(s), and spaying are important.

Certain parents irritate me. Why would you get a pet, for a child, who can’t even prepare their own food, or get out of bed unless you force them to? Just ridiculous, than expect for the child to look after it.
No wonder so many “small exotic animals”, even fish, end up being abused.

Not looking forward being stuck at work all day, and than having to go to my classes.

Boyfriend asked me about my ring size once again, I totally kept it cool. Kudos for me.

I have to wake up early for work tomorrow though. I’ll attempt to stop day-dreaming now.

Can’t wait to get mine. It’s going to be so worth it!
DK♡ Our other clinic cat!
Part of my job is getting to play with this big handsome boy, “Mufasa”! We were checking if he can be a blood donor for our clinic today. Sweet baby.

I really want to go to a “prehistoric museum”. Like the American Museum of Natural History, amongst others.

I have an extremely chubby face (not so flattering angle either) and a huge super cheesy smile; he makes me way too happy. ♡